How Much Does a Chihuahua Weigh?

Chihuahuas are small dogs with big personalities. If you have a Chihuahua puppy, You might be confused about how much they weigh. No need to worry, We’re here to help answer that question for you. Your little Chihuahua puppy’s weight is something we’ll explore, How Much Does a Chihuahua Weigh? So you can better understand their growth and size.

Let’s talk about How Much Does a Chihuahua Weigh?, Exploring factors affecting their size, Understanding growth charts, and learning when to expect those adorable puppies to reach their full size.

Why Chihuahuas Come in Different Sizes?

Chihuahuas can come in different sizes, Similar to how siblings in a family can be tall or short. Genetics affects the size difference, Which is like a tiny code passed on from their dog parents. There are also guidelines, Called breed standards, That suggest how Chihuahuas should look, But not all of them follow these rules exactly.

How Much Does a Chihuahua Weigh

Additionally, a Chihuahua’s overall health plays a role in determining its size. Just like eating well helps kids grow, Staying healthy is important for Chihuahuas to be the right size. So, the combination of family traits and good health decides whether a Chihuahua will be big or small.

Family Size

One big factor is family size. If a Chihuahua’s mom and dad are small, The puppies will probably be small too. It’s a bit like how brothers and sisters in a human family can look alike.

Eating the Right Stuff

What a Chihuahua eats is also super important. When they are little, They need good food with stuff like protein and calcium to grow properly. It’s like giving them the right kind of fuel for their bodies to get bigger.

Play and Rest

Chihuahuas like to play and move around, But not too much, Especially when they are growing. Too much running and jumping can affect how big they get. It’s good to check with a vet to make sure they are playing just enough.

Staying Healthy

Lastly, Being healthy is a big deal. If a Chihuahua has some sickness or lots of tiny bugs on them (like fleas), It can stop them from growing right. Going to the vet and keeping away those tiny bugs helps them stay healthy and grow as they should.

Facts About How Much Does a Chihuahua Weigh?

Chihuahuas are adorable small dogs with apple shaped heads, and they come in various sizes. Even though they are generally known as the smallest dog breed, Their weight can range from a tiny 2 to 6 pounds.

How Much Does a Chihuahua Weigh

Yes, your little buddy might weigh as much as a loaf of bread or as heavy as a houseplant! This weight difference is influenced by factors like genetics, gender, and the type of coat they have.

For example, Male Chihuahuas are usually a bit heavier than females, and Chihuahuas with long hair might be a tad heavier than those with short hair. Overall, A healthy Chihuahua’s weight should be appropriate for their height and body size.

Chihuahua Growth Chart

Understanding your Chihuahua’s growth involves more than just looking at their paws or parentage. The Chihuahua weight chart below offers a practical estimation of your pup’s adult size. Just locate their current age and weight to get an idea of their potential size as an adult.

How Much Does a Chihuahua Weigh
Age (Weeks)Weight (Ounces)
Birth2.5 – 5.5
1 week3.75 – 9.5
2 weeks5 – 13.5
3 weeks6 – 17.5
so on…so on…
Tip: To convert ounces to pounds, Divide by 16.

When Do Chihuahuas Grow Up?

Chihuahuas usually become grown ups when they’re around 9-12 months old. Sometimes, They might grow a bit more until they’re 18 months old. If your Chihuahua keeps getting bigger after that, It’s a good idea to check with your vet to make sure they’re not eating too much.

How Much Does a Chihuahua Weigh

Normal Growth Period

Chihuahuas generally reach their adult size between 9-12 months. During this time, they go from being puppies to fully grown adults.

Minor Growth Beyond a Year

Some Chihuahuas may experience minor growth up to 18 months. It’s not unusual for them to add a little more size during this extended period.

When to Seek Veterinary Advice

If your Chihuahua keeps growing significantly after 18 months, it’s wise to consult your vet. This ensures that there are no concerns related to overfeeding or other health factors.

Pro tip

Invest in Chihuahua pet insurance to ensure your furry friend gets the best veterinary care without breaking the bank. Many plans cover wellness expenses, providing peace of mind for you and your petite companion.

Simple Steps to Check Your Chihuahua’s Growth at Home

Looking after your Chihuahua’s growth can be like a fun game that makes sure they stay healthy. Here are some easy things to do:

How Much Does a Chihuahua Weigh


Checking your Chihuahua’s weight is important for their well being. Regular weight checks help ensure they are growing at a healthy rate and can catch any potential health issues early.

  • Weighing In: Use a kitchen or pet scale to measure your Chihuahua’s weight. For puppies, Do it once a week; For grown-ups, do it once a month.
  • Charting the Course: Write down how much your Chihuahua weighs and check it against a growth chart. You can find these charts online or ask your vet for one.
  • Body Check: Use a special chart to feel your Chihuahua’s body. You want to feel their ribs but not see them.


Checking your Chihuahua’s height is important for a couple of reasons. First, It helps you track their overall development and ensures they are growing at a healthy rate. Second, By regularly measuring their height, You can identify any sudden changes or potential issues early on, Allowing you to address them quickly.

  • Measuring Up: Stand your Chihuahua on a flat surface and measure from their shoulders to the ground.
  • Keep Track: Write down their height on a chart and compare it to the growth chart.

Chihuahua Growth Tracker :

Ageweight (lbs)height (inches)
2 months1.54
3 months2.55
4 months3.56
5 months47
6 months4.58
7 months58.5
8 months5.59
9 months69.5
10 months6.510
11 months710.5
12 months7.511

Other Important Stuff

Tracking your Chihuahua’s physical growth, It’s important to recognize the vital role they play in your life. Chihuahuas offer more than just companionship; They become beloved family members, Bringing joy and affection.

  • Looks Matter: Check how your Chihuahua looks overall. Look for signs like good muscle tone, A shiny coat, and bright eyes.
  • Playtime: Chihuahuas need exercise, but don’t make puppies work too hard. Watch how much energy they have and adjust playtime.
  • Vet Visits: Take your Chihuahua to the vet regularly. Vets can help you keep an eye on your Chihuahua’s growth and answer any questions you have.

Extra Tips

Consistency is key in keeping tabs on your Chihuahua’s growth. Make it a habit to weigh and measure them at the same time daily, ensuring accurate and reliable results. Using the same scale and measuring tools consistently further minimizes errors, providing a clear picture of their development.

  • Stay Regular: Weigh and measure your Chihuahua at the same time every day to get accurate results.
  • Use the Same Tools: Always use the same scale and measuring tools to avoid mistakes.
  • Ask the Vet: If you’re worried about your Chihuahua’s growth, talk to your vet. They can help!

When Do Chihuahuas Stop Growing?

Chihuahuas usually stop growing when they are about 9 to 12 months old. This means they reach their full size around their first birthday. Some might get a little bigger or stronger up to 18 months old, but most of their growing is done by one year.

Bottom Line

Understaning, How Much Does a Chihuahua Weigh? Chihuahua puppies grow rapidly in their first year, and monitoring their growth is important. The Chihuahua growth chart serves as a handy tool, But remember, It’s an estimation. Regular vet check-ups and a balanced lifestyle contribute to a happy, healthy Chihuahua.

10 Useful and Unique FAQs with Answers

How Much Does a Chihuahua Weigh?

Well, In their first 5-6 months, Chihuahuas grow a lot, and many become full-grown by the time they’re 9-12 months old.

Can Chihuahuas continue growing after a year?

While most reach their adult size by 9-12 months, Some may continue to fill out until around 18 months.

How do I know if my Chihuahua is underweight?

Regular weigh-ins and body condition scoring can help identify if your Chihuahua is underweight.

Is there a specific diet for Chihuahua puppies?

Yes, Chihuahua puppies require high quality puppy food rich in essential nutrients for proper growth.

What Affects the Size of a Chihuahua?

A Chihuahua’s size depends on its parents, how it eats, and stays active. Eating well and playing helps it grow right. If it’s healthy and loved, it can grow up just fine.

How much bigger will my Chihuahua get?

Chihuahuas grow to their full size when they are about 6 to 9 months old. They usually weigh between 2 to 6 pounds and stand 6 to 9 inches tall. But every Chihuahua is different, so they might grow a bit more or less than that.

What’s the average lifespan of a Chihuahua?

Chihuahuas generally live between 12-20 years, With proper care and attention.

When Do Chihuahuas Do Most of Their Growing?

Chihuahuas grow the most until they are about 9 months old. By the time they are 1 year old, they are fully grown.

Do Chihuahuas need special care in cold weather?

Yes, their small size makes them susceptible to cold. Provide warm bedding and limit outdoor exposure in chilly weather.

Can Chihuahuas be prone to specific health issues?

Yes, Chihuahuas may be prone to obesity, Hypoglycemia, Urinary stones, Luxating patellas, and cancer. Regular vet check-ups are important.

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